#NWTW Week 26: Rosado from Spain (Part One)


Cheers for the ginger shout-out Ant!

Confessions of a Wine Geek

Mike slipped Cava in at the last minute last week to fit in with his trip to Barca but we make no apologies for staying in Spain and introducing our first rosé of #newwinethisweek… it’s time to get to know Spanish Rosado and let’s hope the sun stays out… and Mike stays in the shade… he’s a ginge you know!

Rosado pic

Rosé is a girly drink right? I must admit I used to be of that persuasion… but I have grown up over the past couple of years and now I love the stuff! Once the sun starts to shine I just can’t enough of it; wines from Provence, Tavel and The Loire top my list but there is some lovely rosé coming out of Italy, Spain, Portugal and the New World (I’ve had some great stuff from Chile recently).

This week on #newwinethisweek our focus is on Spanish rosé, or…

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