#NWTW Week 19: A Food Pairing for Hungarian Furmint

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As I’ve mentioned earlier in the week, Furmint is fairly new for me. So I‘ve had a good look on t’internet to get some tasting notes for the wine that I’m going to drink. That’s not helped. I looked at the label on the back of the wine bottle. “Enjoy on it’s own or with fish or light meals”. Hmmmm ok, quite open ended that. So sod it, I thought, let’s hit google “Hungarian Food + Furmint”…

The first thing that came up was a column written by a freelance wine writer and radio contributor from Pittsburgh, a bloke called Dave DeSimone. It’s a piece on which Hungarian dishes to have with which Hungarian wines. He’s actually used the same wine I’m going to try, so that was stroke of luck. So Dave, we’re going to have a go with what you reckon.

He’s recommended a dish called Chicken Paprikás. It’s effectively slow cooked chicken, onions, butter, and paprika, then finished off with chicken stock and sour cream. It’s those rich, creamy, and savoury flavours that Mr DeSimone felt went so well with creamy finish of the wine, with the high acidity lifting some of the heavier bits and pieces. Hearing you loud and clear my good man!

A great blog/site I often use for recipes is www.simplyrecipes.com. It’s run by a lass called Elise Bauer, and it’s chock full of some great stuff, very well written and easy to follow. I’d be hugely surprised if anyone could mess up her great recipe for Chicken Paprikás. Let’s give it a try.


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Photo Reference

Simply Recipes’ Chicken Paprikás

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