#NWTW Week 17: Viognier, France (Part Two)

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Flags - France

Another week and another wine for me that I’m not really used to drinking much ofViognier.  It’s getting more and more popular out there in wine world as more hot areas are being planted.

Hot areas are what Viognier needs to ripen properly, so that despite the low yields (not many grapes are grown on each vine) you can still get great wine.

Those hot areas include California, Australia, and this week’s region for New Wine This Week: Southern France.

My choices are:

Majestic Wine
Paul Mas Estate Viognier

Signature Viognier

Elegant Frog

Spirited Wines
Jaboulet Ainé ‘Parallele 45’, Côtes de Rhône, 2012

Have great weeks.


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6 thoughts on “#NWTW Week 17: Viognier, France (Part Two)

  1. I love viognier… or Veronica as my work pal now calls it after I first gave her a glass. So much so, I’m working on a piece about the little-known wine Veronica.

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