Day: 18 January 2014

#NWTW Week 2: Food Pairing With Chilean Carménère

So I’ve had a quick look at the web to see what’s suggested.  It’s basically ranging from a well-grilled rib-eye steak to a cheeseboard.  We’re going to get some deep black fruit, a bit herby, and the occasional bit of red pepper if the tasting notes are anything to go off. Well this is effectively …

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#NWTW Week 2: What To Expect From Chilean Carménère

I’m just going to skip the “Intro to Carménère” bit here, cos Chile is the place where Carménère has found its home.  It used to be a Bordeaux variety, but when a little pest called phylloxera destroyed most of Bordeaux’s plantings in the early 19th Century it wasn’t replanted like the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

#NWTW Week 2: An Intro Into Chile

Most wine drinkers in the UK will have had a bottle or two from Chile.  Over the past 10 to 15 years they’ve absolutely nailed the export market with low cost, solid quality wines.  Lots of investment in the 1990s in both production and the governing laws has led to a really smooth system to …

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