#newwinethisweek Week 1 – Aussie Riesling (Part Two)

Australia, New Wine This Week, Whites

So there you go, Anthony’s kicked us off on our 2014 plans for world wine domination. We’re starting down under with a white wine from Australia. Their take on Riesling.

Anthony’s got some great recommendations there, and he’s going to plop for the Tesco’s Finest Tingleup which I can’t deny looks a bargain at £7.99.

The alternatives I’ve been taking a look at are from:

Majestic Wine
Peter Lehmann Riesling, 2012, Eden Valley
£10.99 or £8.79 if you buy 2 aussie wines at the same time

Knappstein Ackland Vineyard, 2010, Clare Valley

Jacob’s Creek Riesling, 2011, South Australia

I’m going to go for the Majestic choice this week as it gives me an excuse to buy a second bottle!!

A chinese takeaway is absolutely spot on with this as Anthony says, but fish dishes are another great set of partners for dry (non-sweet) Riesling, and oily fish at that. So I’m going to try something based around grilled mackerel. Pictures will follow!

Anthony’s taking the poll this week, so make sure if you’re getting involved you either tweet us or visit his site to cast your votes.

Enjoy boys and girls


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