Wine Drinking Essentials: Number 4 – Metallic Disc Pouring Thingy

Info For Beginners

Really quick one this, and bear in mind it’s only in there cos firstly it’s really cheap, and secondly it really gives no one an excuse to be crap at pouring anymore!

To give it it’s technical name it’s the “grey, metallic, disc, pouring thingy”. I think some people have tried to rechristen them as “drop stop pourers”, but i don’t like the ring of that as much.

grey thing out

Basically you roll it up into a cylinder, pop it the top of the bottle…

grey thing inserted

and the wine will pour out smooth as you like and never dribble out anymore…

grey thing pouring


You tend to buy them in multipacks, and they’ll cost about £1 each.

Scabber’s Tip:

Again, given the low cost of these things, you can get them thrown in for free by shops or vineyards if you ask nicely enough.


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