Wine Drinking Essentials: Number 1 – The Bottle Opener

Info For Beginners

Well it makes sense that this’d be in there. You’ve got to get in to get the good stuff, right?

There are hundreds of different corkscrews, hydraulic pumps, and the rest of it on the market. I’ve tried quite a few, especially in my time working in pubs and bars. Honestly I’m yet to be convinced anything can beat the classic wine waiter’s best mate:


They’re pretty fool proof, available most places, and very cheap even for good ones.


You should be able to get hold of a decent one for less than £5

Scabber’s Tip:

If you ever make it out to a vineyard (or a wine merchant’s offices or something) for a tasting session or anything like that, chances are they’ll have a few branded ones kicking around. They usually chuck one in for you for free if you buy some wine. As you can see from the photo, that’s exactly what i did, and that little bugger’s lasted me 5 years so far!


2 thoughts on “Wine Drinking Essentials: Number 1 – The Bottle Opener

  1. and how about when you do not have one? you are out and about, a festival, a picnic, camping or something of that sort – how does one open a corked bottle of wine?

    1. well, only way is to push it in i guess. It’s not ideal and it’s not all that easy, but needs must!

      Remember the term “corked” means that the cork seal has been ineffective and the wine has oxidised a bit, it doesn’t mean the wine physically has cork in it. That’s not a disaster as long as you sieve it out when you pour. It shouldn’t effect the wine all that much, albeit it’s not one for the purists, but at that stage you won’t really care.

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